About Almond

Legends have been told, stories have been written, about people’s endless journeys to find the fountain of youth. It’s ironic that despite how tough lives have been expressed to be, by human beings from generations to generations irrespective of gender and age, people seem to be wanting to live forever, to keep looking young and charming. In doing so, many are willing to pay the price; huge sacrifices made, lots of money spent. “Beauty is pain” Does it sound familiar?

“You are what you eat!” That’s a statement that we, people behind Almond Shop & Café, believe in.  As we eat every day, three times or sometimes more, it’s actually a journey, outcome of which results from a continuous process over a period of time. We do like sports. Some of us can’t stand not hitting the gym or doing the floor less than three times a week, and we do it hard all the time. We do realize, though, that it won’t promise a healthy living if we don’t watch our food intake fairly seriously. “Garbage in, garbage out” That common phrase is equally applicable in regard to our body.

Almond Shop & Café offers healthy foods and drinks to everyone who has been enjoying healthy meals as a good habit, and those who are about to start the journey. We don’t believe in instant processes for an over-night outcome. Thus, while being organic in nature, our products remain enjoyable to consume as they would be part of the said continuous process. Freshness & quality are maintained through direct sourcing from farmers, so that products will reach our premises at the earliest opportunity. We believe in long term partnerships for mutual growths, thus we are committed to give part of our financial gain back to the farmers and for the sustainability of our environments. By enjoying our products, you are taking part in this process too. Thank you.

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